Our agenda. is...

  1. To provide athletes with a safe and fun environment to progress within their sport and achieve their longterm goals. Our CFSA certified coaches guide athletes through proper skill progressions, helping them to create strong fundamentals and set them up for success as they move through the stages of the LTAD. 

  2. To provide affordable and accessible training for every budget. Athletes can choose from several different program options to cater to all their training needs. Mix and match spring, summer and fall training camps alongside regular winter training to get the most out of our year round training options.

  3.  To provide guidance and support to every athlete, not just in their skiing but when making choices about exercise, nutrition, health and risk management. 

agenda. values

Our values align not only with our Provincial Sports Organization, Freestyle Skiing Ontario (FSO), but also with our National Sports Organization, the Canadian Freestyle Ski Association (CFSA);


We are  working to developing and implement new and creative programs, which provide our athletes with the best coaching and support in order to reach their goals.


We uphold the values of our club  by acting fairly, honestly and morally at all times, and adhering to our Code of Conduct and those of the CFSA and FSO.


We strive to perform to the highest standards in all areas of our business in order to achieve success. 


We commit to engaging in positive and respectful relationships with our athletes, coaches, parents, FSO, the CFSA and all of our partners with understanding and without judegment.


We  engage in every activity with a smile on our faces and always have fun.