agenda. High Performance Team Outline

Welcome to the agenda. High Performance Team! This is an invite only, hand picked team competing in both Provincial and National level events. Athletes are selected based on their skill level, observed by the head coaches. The agenda. HP Team will be comprised of 8-10 of the most prominent, 13-21 year old athletes from Southern Ontario and aims to provide focused training for those hoping to advance to the Provincial level. Athletes will be participating in multiple competitions throughout the winter season, whilst also working on developing and perfecting high level skiing and acrobatic skills. Our goal is to create a fun but safe environment that allows athletes to learn how to take their skills to the next level. 

If you are interested in being a part of the team but do not receive an invite please feel free to email the with information about yourself and your skills, as well as a short video showcasing your abilities. We will endeavour to include as many eligible athletes in the team as possible.   

Prerequisites & Commitments

• 12 years of age or older

• Ready to compete in the Canadian Cup competition series (National level competitions)

• Able to demonstrate specific aerial skills; left 720, right 720,  switch left 720, switch right 720, back flip, several off axis skill (e.g.. cork) & advanced rail skills

• Physical fit enough to participate in a physically demanding program

• Participate in  full weekend and Friday on snow training days between December and April

• Participate in biannual fitness testing

• Participate in at least one trampoline training block, one water ramp training camp, one rail training block and one on snow summer/fall training camp throughout the year

• Commit to and sign both the agenda. Code of Conduct and the Competitive Team Agreement

• Can Free 3 Licence -

agenda. High Performance Team Yearly Options

Spring (May-June)

  • fitness testing

  • 6 weekend trampoline sessions (2 hour sessions each weekend) @ Vertical Zone

Summer (July-August)

  • 6 day on-snow training camps @ Momentum Ski Camps

  • 3x 6 day water ramp & trampoline camps @ Horseshoe Resort & Lac Beauport

  • 3 day airbag training camp @ Maximise

Fall (October-November)

  • fitness testing

  • 6 weekend rail sessions (4 hour sessions each weekend)

  • 2 week on snow training camp @ Mt Sima, Yukon

Winter (December-March)

  • 50 -55 on snow days - including Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, as well as training days over Christmas and March Break. This is a full day program starting at 9am and finishing at 3pm each day, however it is understood that on Friday’s athletes may have school commitments, which clash with training. These scenarios can be discussed with the head coaches on a case-by-case basis. Refunds will not be provided in the case of missed training days.