Fall agenda.

agenda. is excited to announce some new camps, trips and courses for the fall season, to get our athletes ready for a busy winter of skiing.

agenda. @ Axis Freestyle Academy Sunday Sessions


Join agenda. for fast paced fall Sunday Sessions @ Axis Freestyle Academy!

Rail training at Axis Freestyle Academy is a great way for athletes to brush up on their skills or develop some new tricks to try out in early winter training. With 3 hours of dedicated rail time on Axis's ever changing indoor set up, plus 1 hour of tramps, Sunday Sessions are the perfect opportunity for athletes to get a fast paced, high quantity rail refresher, in a low impact environment. 

agenda. strongly recommends that all athletes consider taking part in rail training at Axis Freestyle Academy, as it is a valuable training opportunity, that gives athletes a head start on the competition and gets them warm up before the season kicks off!

2x 4 hour session - $120 (HST included) + Axis Freestyle Academy facility fees ($59 per sessions plus 20% discount)  - Click here to find out more about facility fees

4x 4 hour session - $240 (HST included) + Axis Freestyle Academy facility fees ($59 per sessions plus 20% discount) - Click here to find out more about facility fees

Sessions Dates; 

  • October 7 - 10am until 3pm

  • October 14 - 10am until 3pm

  • October 21 - 10am until 3pm

  • October 28 - 10am until 3pm

Included in each session;

  • 2x 2 hour training blocks - 1/2 hour trampoline warm up + 1 1/2 hours rail training

  • Changeable rail set up for all ability levels and skill progression

  • Coaching from our Freestyle Canada certified coaches

  • Live video review

We do not offer a rate for individual sessions, athletes must commit to either 2 or 4 sessions.

Athletes must have a valid Freestyle Canada License to participate in all agenda. training sessions/camps.

For license registration follow this link - http://www.freestylecanada.ski/en/membership/individual/

agenda. SafeStart Course


SafeStart is a training program which blends sports psychology with proven injury-reducing techniques to give athletes improved personal awareness and performance-boosting skills. By recognizing patterns of performance and the human factors that are holding them back, athletes can learn how to reach new levels of achievement. 

Designed to help athletes efficiently and effectively minimize the mistakes or errors that can get them hurt or cost them a sport on the podium, SafeStart can help athletes avoid injuries and improve their performance. It provides athlete with essential training on how to avoid injures, compete at a higher level and fight off the mental distractions that separates a good performance from a great one. 

Athletes must have a valid Freestyle Canada License to participate in all agenda. training sessions/camps.

For license registration follow this link - http://www.freestylecanada.ski/en/membership/individual/

Get Involved!

If you are interested in participating in any of the agenda. camps of courses detailed above, please contact info@agendafreeski.com